About Milady!

 I guess that this page is an attempt to channel my inner Claire Randall. She's amazing...adventurous, passionate, heroic and really all of the things that I love to identify with as a woman. She's got real humanity as well as the perfect husband!  I'm convinced that all of us who love these books feel much the same way and that's why we are so obsessed with them. My main goal in life is to help as many woman as I can get in touch with their own inner Claire!!!

Like so many of you, I have had such a love affair with the Outlander series.  My sister -in- law handed me the first book Outlander almost 20 years ago and since then I haven't been able to get myself out of Jamie and Claire's exquisitely romantic world.

The thing that inspires me the most about the books is the sheer beauty of them. We aren't living in 18th century Scotland so I can't really go backwards nor would I want to ( know too much of the history especially the medical history!) back then a simple UTI could kill you! That being said, what I try to do is promote a beautiful, simpler way of living, threading through the things that I love and are relevant in some way emotionally to the series....herbs, flowers, fashion, domesticity, herbalism, healing, horses,animals in general, food, farm life, Scotland and the British Isles , Celtic music and usually as much Outlander as I can find that's not the same stuff I see regurgitated everywhere:) I love Sam and think that he's completely adorable , but looking at pics of him constantly kills my imagination:))))

So instead here you'll find interesting articles, recipes and suggestions for lotions, potions, soothing herbals, healing elixirs , perfumery, florals and even some tinctures and liniments for Jamie's horses!

When I'm not reading the  big books, I'm a practicing herbalist , aromatherapist, certified health coach, equestrian and writer.
I also love creating bespoke potions , healing elixirs, skin care products and perfumes as well as selling one of a kind vintage accessories and home goods. I married my own Jamie Fraser over 31 years ago and I consider myself one of the luckiest woman in the world. I am also an independent consultant for Neal's Yard Organics, a remarkable body care and cosmetic company form England that I am so very proud to represent. Check them out here: https://us.nyrorganic.com/shop/bethschreibman   You can read more of my herbal and fragrant musings at www.thewindespherewitch.com, www.stirringthesense.com and www.myoutlanderloveaffair.com

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